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Country : Côte d'Ivoire
Acquired : 25 May 1998
Number of employees : 62
Sector : Chemicals
Website :
Specialising in the trade of specialty chemicals, Chimtec operates in over 20 countries in West and Central Africa.

Its range of some 1,500 different chemicals plus machinery, consumables and after-sales service for industrial marking and sewing, makes it a partner of choice for manufacturers involved in cosmetics, detergents, food, water treatment, paint, plastics, mining, oil, bitumen, textiles, printing, textiles, silkscreen printing, pharmaceuticals and laboratory research.

In addition to offering such a broad spectrum of products, Chimtec has a team of dynamic sales engineers who keep abreast in real time of technological, scientific and technical developments. Such knowledge gives them the skills required to provide customers with technical advice and after-sales service.

"Chimtec : chemical products for everyday life."
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