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IPS(WA) is an institution specialising in industrial promotion to encourage development, drawing on the skills of all who are part of it. The Institution is heavily involved in improving living conditions in developing countries in West Africa.

The success of IPS(WA)’s projects has always brought with it improvements in economic and social development.

As part of a continuing effort to combine economic and social development, in 2000 IPS created a health insurance company called MUTIPS to take care of the health problems of its workers and their families.

A further initiative includes a major health and education programme and the funding of community facilities (health huts and village water pumps) aimed at improving the living conditions of farmers, particularly in the areas of operation of Ivoire Coton, M'Bengué Coton, Faso Coton and SN SOSUCO.

Combating HIV/AIDS
The Institution assists its employees in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The impact on businesses of HIV/AIDS has manifested itself in a number of ways, such as absenteeism, lower productivity and increased medical expenses. The first response within IPS(WA) was in 1992 and came from Filtisac, which implemented a strategy essentially based on providing information and education, and controlling opportunistic infections.

In spite of a significant lowering of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and increased condom use, the mortality rate related to HIV/AIDS remains high. The Institution therefore continues to strive to combat the disease.
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