The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) is AKDN’s only for-profit institution and coordinates AKDN’s economic development activities. Businesses and financial institutions comprising AKFED are grouped together into five sectors: industrial promotion, tourism promotion, finance, aviation and media.

Whatever the sector of activity, AKFED seeks projects that are not only economically sound, but also have the potential to contribute to long-term development for the country and the region.

As a general rule, AKFED takes majority ownership and manages its projects. Its pragmatic approach emphasizes the development of human resources, a high level of skills in management, technology, marketing and finance. AKFED combines its capital and its knowledge of the countries where it operates, with investments and the know-how of technical partners whenever necessary. It creates partnerships with local institutions and operators, commercial or development banks and multilateral development finance agencies.

What is the AKFED?

As a private development agency, AKFED acts as a catalyst in stimulating and mobilising investments in the developing world. It operates as a network of affiliates that includes more than 90 separate project companies employing over 35,000 people. Its network has assets of over USD 2 billion in 18 countries.

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