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Country : Côte d'Ivoire
Founded : 24 July 1997
Number of employees : 10
Sector : Infrastructure
Website :
Infrastructure is another key ​​area of investment for the Institution. In order to meet the high demand for electricity, utilise domestic natural gas resources and turn Côte d’Ivoire into West Africa’s main electric power exporter, the Ivorian government contracted out the construction of the Azito Energie thermal power plant to a consortium comprising IPS(WA), ABB, Electricité de France (EDF).

Azito Energie thus combines the know-how of global electricity leaders and the skills of a development institution.

In 2010, Globeleq acquired the shares of ABB and EDF.

The thermal power plant has a current output of 300 megawatts and is the most powerful, modern and efficient power plant in West Africa, thanks to its use of Ivorian offshore gas and use of environment-friendly technology.
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